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3:00 PM Arrive at Common House / Load in / Meet _________________  (Artist Liaison)

3:15 PM Artist Liaison escorts Artist to apartment to check in / Key hand off

3:45 PM Meet film crew back at Common House / Place dinner order with Artist Liaison (Dinner can be before the show at 5PM or after the show at

4:00 PM Sound check (can be much shorter - one song)

5:00 PM Dinner

6:00 PM Show (30-minute set)

What is Common House?

Common House is a contemporary social club–a place to eat, drink and find inspiration in Charlottesville, Virginia. A social club is anything that brings people together to one place, uniting them based on common traits and interests. Common House brings an engaged community together to experience a holistic handmade experience. We have member-exclusive events, dining, and a robust community that continues to grow.

What is a Bridge Room Session?

A Bridge Room Session is an intimate, stripped-down half-hour performance in front of a small, engaged audience of Common House members and guests. We can fit up to 25 people in the room with the artist, and the fantastic acoustics of the space mean you can play unamplified.

Who else has done a Bridge Room Session?

We’re just getting started, but have already had performances from Josiah Johnstone (The Head & the Heart), Planes on Paper, Mongezi (South African Township music), & Alec Spiegelman (Cuddle Magic, Pokey Lafarge).

Is it acoustic or will there be a PA?

The performances are totally acoustic.  We can power up an amp, if you’d like, but there is no PA.  The microphones we set up are so that the videographer can capture high-quality audio for the video.

Is the show public or private? How should I list it in my tour dates?

The show is private and only Common House members may attend, but if you’d like to include it on your tour dates, you are welcome to list it as “Private Performance at Common House”.

When will the video be published?

Approximately one month after your Bridge Room Session performance.

What is the Rockbridge Guitar Company opportunity?

We’ve teamed up with Rockbridge Guitar Company, a local custom guitar shop here in Charlottesville. Their world-class guitars are played by the likes of Dave Matthews, Keith Urban, Ray LaMontagne, Jason Mraz, & Warren Haynes, and others.  If you’d like to stop by the shop before your performance, you can hand-select a guitar for your Bridge Room Session. Rockbridge Guitars is just two blocks away from Common House.

Visit their site to learn more:

What parts of the day will be filmed?

Our film crew will only be recording your Bridge Room performance in its entirety.  We will consult with you and your team to decide which song to officially release.