Are guests welcome to events?

Yes, definitely and please. We believe that more is merrier... but, if you are planning to bring more than 3 guests please send us a quick email. Thank you!

If I am not a member of Common House can I attend an event?

Unfortunately, no. We do host events that are open to the public, but these will be noted as such. You can attend events as a guest of a member. Also, we offer a variety of membership types that accommodate the various ways our members use our space... we would love to give you a tour and talk it through with you, or you can apply online.

Can I sync your events calendar to my computer or phone?

Google →
Apple, Microsoft, or Other (download) → 

Do I have to RSVP for an event?

It is required for some events, especially when an event is noted to have limited availability, but we do recommend it in most every instance. We would hate to have to turn anyone away.